A brief introduction

Hi everyone!


My name is Vicki, and I’m spending my summer interning in the International Office, helping to organise your arrival and orientation here at Manchester! As well as necessary things like picking you all up from the airport, and getting you checked into your accommodation, we’re planning lots of fun activities such as tours around the city, and movie nights for your first few weeks here so that you quickly feel like Manchester is your second home!

I’ll be posting on this blog, and also on our Facebook page quite a lot over the next 8 weeks, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a quick introduction so you know a little bit more about me:


  • I will be going into my final year at The University of Manchester in September, studying Sociology. I’ve lived in Manchester for all my life, and while many people in the UK choose to go to a university which isn’t in their home town, I love the city of Manchester so much that I decided to stay! There’s so much to love about the city, and it’s very easy to make it feel like home.
  • I love learning about and immersing myself in new cultures, and throughout my degree, I’ve tried to get as much international experience as possible. In 2015, I went to Shanghai, China, to study Mandarin, and I have just come back from the USA, where I spent a semester studying on exchange at The University of Missouri – Columbia. Therefore, I have experience of being an international student myself, and trust me, I know just how crazy/scary/exciting it all is! Trust me though, you are all going to have an amazing experience

I’m really excited to have this job, and really want to work hard to ensure that every single one of you settles into university life and life in Manchester as quickly as possible. I will be trying to update this blog on a weekly basis, and each week will have a theme. Some of the themes I have in mind so far are:

  • where to find the best worldwide food in the city
  • fun things to do around Manchester
  • What to pack

If you have any suggestions for other themes which I could do, or any questions you’d like to ask me, please do comment below, or on our Facebook page! Even if you don’t have any questions or suggestions, comment and say Hello! I will probably see some of you during Orientation Week, and it would be lovely to get to know you all beforehand 🙂


Vicki x


11 thoughts on “A brief introduction”

  1. Hello! I would be really happy, if one topic could be about how to live sustainably in Manchester. For example vegan restaurants, bulk shops, the best parks, free shops e. t. c. 🙂


    1. Hi Helena, that’s a great idea, and one which I hadn’t thought of, so thank you! I will definitely make a post about that for you over the coming weeks – I have a lot of vegan friends so will ask them if they have any suggestions of restaurants etc 🙂


  2. Hi there! It would be great if you could let us know about the approximate monthly cost of shopping for groceries and other expenditures we may have to incur so that we can better plan our spending 🙂


    1. Hi Aadya, thanks for commenting 🙂 I’ll definitely work on that for you – just so I know, are you in self-catered or catered accommodation?


  3. Hey Vicki!
    It would be great to get know all details about transport in Manchester. I rented an apartment 2 miles away (in Salford) the main university site, so it would be great to know more about public transport (student tickets and other monthly/annual discounts), cycle routes, etc. Thanks 🙂


    1. Hey Viktorija (love your name! :D)

      I’ll get on that as soon as possible for you, luckily it’s super easy to get around Manchester on public transport and by cycling 🙂


  4. Hello! I just read somewhere that one must book in advance for the orientation events and core presentations as places tend to fill up fast and that the booking forms are usually available from August first week! I can’t seem to find them yet! Could you please let us know how and when to book the same ?


    1. Hi Rahtkha,

      You don’t need to book onto our core presentations, as these are mandatory. Please just turn up to them, but make sure to arrive early (at least 10 minutes before the start time) so that they can start promptly 🙂

      The only events during Orientation which require you to book in advance are our Cafe Crawl, City Bus Tours and our John Rylands Library evening. We will have sign up sheets for these events on campus, in the Students Union when you arrive in Manchester 🙂

      Hope this helps!



  5. Hi Vicky!

    I will arrive to Manchester airport on Monday, September 12, but sadly the University Collection Service will start operating from Tuesday, which is a bummer! If I had only known that before I would have scheduled my flight for Tuesday! However now I cannot rebook my flight which means I will have to get to my accommodation all on my own :(( Could you please write a veeery detailed article about how to get from the airport to the university? (especially the Whitworth Park Halls) Where to go when I leave the airport building, where to buy the tickets for transportation, cost of the tickets, how the bus I need to take looks like, where (if) I need to change, etc., etc… Just everything that comes up to your mind 🙂

    Then I would love to read about these topics:

    1) Manchester Public Transport – where to buy tickets, how much they are, where to find map of the stations

    2) what are the closest and cheapest possibilites to buy kitchen utensils + other similar stuff (IKEA would be perfect but it’s way too far)

    3) the possibilites of solo travel to the National Parks (Lake District especially) – how to get there, where to go, etc.

    Thanks a lot and have a nice rest of the summer! 🙂


  6. Hi Vicky!

    I have a favor to ask you! I will be arriving to Manchester airport on Monday 12, however the Uni Airport Collestion Service starts no earlier than Tuesday 13 – which is a bummer! If I had only known that before I would have made sure to book my flight one day later! So could you please write an article describing step by step how to get from the airport to the Uni (Whitwort Park)? What’s the cheapest and fastest way? Where should I go upon leaving the airport? What kind of public transport should I take? Where should I buy the tickets? How do the ticket machines/buses look like? How much are the tickets? Will I need cash to buy them? I have never been to the UK before so I am a bit frigthened as I don’t know what to expect. I don’t want to get lost on my very first day in Manchester with all my luggage!

    And I also have some suggestions for other topics that I am interested in 🙂
    1) Public Transport in Manchester (where to buy tickets, cost of the tickest, where to find /online/ bus schedules) 2) The best (cheapest and closest to WP) place to buy kitchen utensiles (pots/plates/pans/mugs) and other house neccesities
    3) Traveling to National Parks (especially Lake District) – how to get there, where to go, when to go, what to see (if I want to see some beautiful scenery with many lakes 🙂

    I guess thats all now- I am looking forward to reading your other articles!


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